The Best Clutter Busters

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One solution is Ikea's Komplement shoeboxes that sell for around $10 for a set of 4. These shoeboxes keep your shoes safe and have a clear front so that you can see which pair of shoes is inside.

If you prefer to keep your shoes inside that newly de-cluttered closet of yours, you can install Rubbermaid's Configurations Shoe Shelves. These angled shelves, which allow for easy viewing, sell for around $35.

Of course you can always go with the over-the-door shoe rack or the shoe racks that hang in the closet, right on the rod with your clothes.

Organizing Your Beauty Products

Between tubes of lipstick, curling iron cords and hairbrushes, it may seem impossible to bust up the beauty clutter that leaves you digging around for your favorite eye shadow or bobby pins every morning. Help add a sense of order to your daily beauty routine by getting a firm grip on where everything is at any given time.