The Best Clutter Busters

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Junk Drawer Clutter Busters

What home would be complete without a junk drawer? There is nothing wrong with having one; it's just that it does you no good if you can't find anything inside of it. Even a junk drawer can become organized with the right tools.

Most any drawer can be organized with a drawer organizer. Axis makes an expandable one, the Expandable Junk Drawer Organizer for around $22. Searching around a junk drawer can be a thing of the past if you compartmentalize everything.

Getting Your Papers in Order

How many times have you been sent scrambling for a missing utility bill, a recipe you found in a magazine or an old tax return? Magazine racks, letter holders, file folders and filing cabinets are all ways to keep paper clutter under control. Take advantage of these organizing and storage tools to keep your home from becoming a frustrating mess of loose papers.

Gramata Corp. has created an ingenious solution with its Wooden Mail Organizer, priced around $55. This tool allows you to organize your mail and store other items like keys, envelopes, stamps and pens. The great thing about this is that it can be freestanding or mounted on a wall.