The Best Clutter Busters

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Clear, vinyl shoe organizers that hang over the door can be used to hold some of your beauty products. This keeps them organized and with the clear pockets, allows for easy viewing. Even better, Axis International makes an expandable cosmetic drawer organizer for about $13. With the different compartments and great expandability feature you can organize your cosmetics with ease.

Achieving a Clean Work Space

Desks seem to have a magnetic pull that attracts clutter. Between papers and supplies, your desk can look like a bomb has gone off. Desk caddies are great organizing tools to keep everything in its place. You can also organize your desk with drawer organizers, tier desk trays and caddies.

Lipper makes a very nice organizer with its Lipper International Bamboo Space Saving Desk Organizer, priced around $40. It can easily store pads of paper, pens and has 2 small drawers where paperclips or other smaller items can be stored. Remember; a clean work space is a happy (productive) space!