The Importance of Family Rituals

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If you normally cook alone, you can let the kids help on family dinner night. Sometimes, you might want to have a "Kids Cooking" night where the children come up with a menu and they prepare the dinner with your help. Just be sure to practice kitchen safety and to keep all children's tasks safe and age-appropriate.

Part of your family ritual can include going around the table and asking "what's one good thing that happened this week?" This starts the family time off on a positive note. There may be weeks when things have been rough, and it will take some soul-searching to come up with an answer, but that's the point. Children will learn to exercise gratitude and optimism in the face of challenges.

You can also come up with other "ice-breaker" questions that can be fun, silly, deep...whatever mood you're in. The point is to get everyone involved and keep the lines of communication open. If you want, you can follow dinner with some family fun like board games or a movie.

Happy Holidays and Cool Celebrations

Holidays and celebrations are great times to start or continue family rituals. These special days are all about family, friends, and togetherness.

Holiday traditions are the most likely of all family rituals to get makeovers. While some families enjoy carrying on centuries-old traditions, many others feel that they want to break out of the old ways and do something new. Feel free to tweak (or completely overhaul) your old family traditions to match up with your current family's cultural make-up, spiritual outlook, and practical needs.