The Importance of Family Rituals

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However you choose to celebrate your holidays, try to create something that you and your kids can look forward to. You may have engagements to attend on the holiday itself that keep you from really "doing your own thing" that day, but try and get some special activities in sometime during each holiday season. Some suggestions:
  • Make decorations together;
  • Go out to eat at a favorite restaurant;
  • Go for family holiday walks; and
  • Reach out to the community by pitching in at a local charity.

The Soul of the Seasons

Even when they're not attached to a specific holiday, family rituals can be associated with certain seasons. Technology and general busyness has cut many people off from the meaning of the seasons, but slowing down to appreciate them can create wonderful memories for you and your family.

A family that does spring cleaning together every year, or has a bonfire night the weekend before school starts in the fall is making memories their children will carry with them forever. Activities like planting a garden together or going on nature walks to spot changes in the trees, sky and animals are great ways to give children a sense of belonging.

Teens and Rituals

Teenagers are old enough to grasp the meaning of family rituals but may act as though they don't really care about them. Don't let their tough exterior fool you, though. Teens take comfort in family rituals even when they don't realize it. The teen years can be a tough time that brings on feelings of self-doubt and anxiety. Having predictable, life-affirming family rituals to hold onto gives teens a solid home foundation and a feeling of security.