Learn About Hair Products

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Think about what your style goals are. If your hair is curly and you want to enhance the curl, pick shampoos that do this. If you straighten your curly hair, it's wise to choose a shampoo that protects against the ravages of flat ironing or processing


Conditioner coats the hair shaft and infuses it with moisture. It helps make hair shinier, more manageable, and easier to comb. When choosing conditioner, use the same criteria as choosing a shampoo. Focus on hair type and desired result. Many companies make product lines that feature shampoo-conditioner "twins". The shampoo and conditioner of complementary formulations are displayed together and have similar packaging. This helps take the guesswork out of matching up shampoo and conditioner. It also assures that the scents of the products will harmonize as well.

Sprays, Gels, Pomades, Waxes...etc.

Getting your hair to stay in place can be quite a challenge. Wind, rain, humidity, and time can all take your "do from perfect to blah. That's why there are so many products designed to help you lock in your style. The cardinal rule of hold products is not to use too much and not to use too many different kinds at once. If you enjoy edgier, punk-inspired looks, you may be able to go a bit heavier on the product, but be careful of excess build-up.

As a general rule mousses work best for shaping thin hair, pomades and pastes for thick or frizzy hair. Waxes are usually used on shorter styles and those with a sculpted look.