Learn About Hair Products

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Hair Serums

Hair serums are made to nourish and treat frizzy and/or dry hair. They often add healthy oil to the hair and seal out humidity to produce sleek glowing locks. Sprays can be used by just about anyone to set a style, but you still might want to choose one that's labeled for your hair type.

Hair-Type Enhancing Products

Hair-type enhancers are made to bring out the best in your hair type, making curly hair springy and straight hair sleek and glowing. Formulas for specific hair colors exist as well. They claim to deepen the color of your hair with pigments that match your natural (or dyed) color.

Deep Conditioners

Hot oil treatments and other deep conditioners are to be used periodically to revive your hair. They contain ingredients that penetrate into the hair shaft to help seal split ends and make your tresses look healthy. Deep conditioning treatments are most important if you have dry, damaged or color-treated hair