How To Wear A Jacket Or Blazer

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Evaluating your body type is the first stage of choosing the perfect blazer.

  • If you have an athletic build, with broad shouldes and more or less boyish hips, a cropped blazer can be a good look for you. The new styles of cropped blazers (cropped in the back, lower in front) are cut diagonally in front, creating a feminine shape for the waist and hips. Go for a look with minimal structure so you'll avoid the boxy look.
  • A pear-shaped body features slimmer shoulders in relation to fuller, more curvy hips. In this case, your best bet is either a jacket that falls just above the hips or just below. Light shoulder pads and/or wide lapel will draw the eye upward and add the illusion of width to your shoulders for a more balanced look.
  • Petite, small-boned women often avoid blazers because they feel they get lost in them and look like little girls playing dress-up. Luckily, there are ways to wear a blazer that will make you look like a very grown-up - and sexy - woman. Your best bets are very fitted styles that define your feminine shape. Try "shrunken" blazers and other contemporary and youthful styles.
  • Having full breasts can make you look like a goddess in a gown, but when it comes to blazers, your bust might be less of an asset. The wrong jacket can make you look top-heavy. For your best look, go for blazers that provide definition beneath the bustline, and those that are tailored to highlight the waist. Avoid jackets with lots of structure or decoration, as they make the chest look fuller.