How To Wear A Jacket Or Blazer

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  • If your chest is on the small side, you can create a curvier line by choosing jackets with plenty of detailing to add volume to your upper body.
  • Plus-size women can look great in both long and short bolero type jackets. Just take care to avoid anything too bulky or loose, and avoid heavy and large-patterned fabrics.

One of the hottest looks of the year is the boyfriend blazer. This longer, tuxedo-style jacket can be worn in a variety of ways and it suits many body types. For example, it can elongate a short torso, balance a pear shape, or provide some stylish coverage to a problematic mid-section. Whatever your shape or personal style, the boyfriend blazer is worth a look.

Making the Most of Your Blazer

There are many ways to wear a blazer, depending on the clothing and accessories you choose to wear with it. Blazers can be classic, casual, even glam. Here are some awesome ways to pair and accessorize your jacket.

Classic. The blazer is closely associated with the professional and academic world. Create a no-nonsense yet lovely look by wearing your blazer with a nice tailored shirt and slacks. For cool days, a blazer can be worn with a thin sweater or turtleneck, a skirt, and textured tights. This look pairs nicely with boots. When you're going classic, complete the look with minimal but stylish jewelry.