How To Wear A Jacket Or Blazer

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Casual. Wearing a blazer in a casual manner has become a very hip style choice. The primary way to accomplish this look is to pair your blazer with jeans. To get this style right, you need to choose jeans that are fitted; no baggies, please! The best shirts to wear with this look are a little more on the funky, interesting side. Try a boyfriend blazer over a fitted logo T-shirt.

Evening. Blazers can be dressed up - way up - for a night on the town. Once again, it's important to choose the right blazer shape and fabric for evening. Some blazers (such as those with shimmer or other eye-catching detailing) were made specifically for wear at evening events, while others can go from day to night with some strategic pairing and accessorizing. Some blazers should be avoided for an after-hours gathering, like any piece that looks overly structured, businesslike or severe. A light, satiny fabric works well. The right blazer can be worn over a short dress with good results. To bring the ensemble together, throw in a cute bag, some well-chosen bling, and a pair of flirty heels.

Shopping For Your Blazer

When you go shopping for a blazer, know what your basic style is going to be. If you're looking for a classic professional style blazer, go to a department store. If you would prefer a blazer that can be worn with casual clothes, try a retailer with a more trendy, youth-oriented brand image. Blazer fit can be tricky, and getting the wrong fit can spoil your entire look. Take your time trying on a variety of sizes and styles, have a look at yourself in the blazer from all angles before making a choice, and don't be afraid to ask for guidance from an in-store fashion consultant.