Athletic Shoes Review

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To avoid the agony of the feet, you should wear athletic shoes geared to your sport. Running shoes, for example, won't cut it on the basketball court because they lack the lateral support needed for all those hard, swift moves, and the stability for a smooth landing after a slam dunk.

If you wear the wrong athletic shoes, you could end up sidelined with torn tendons or damaged ligaments. This doesn't mean you should buy the most expensive shoe for your sport, only that you should do your homework before you go shopping

Take a look at different shoes and read up on the materials and stability technology. Study your feet too. Is your arch high or average? Are your old shoes worn down in certain areas? How often do you participate in your sport? Are you continually active or a casual participant? These are questions you might review at a specialty shoe shore.

Most specialty stores are a bit costly, but they generally have trained personnel to help you find the right shoe. At a department store you would likely be on your own. Here is a review of some of the latest athletic shoes on the market. All are for both sexes unless otherwise noted.