Athletic Shoes Review

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Tip: The insole is usually the first part of a tennis shoe to break down. Demand durability!

Basketball Shoes: South Beach Lebron 8

Price tag: $160

It's a good bet those angry Clevelanders won't be running out to buy the South Beach Lebron 8 shoe, also known as the Pre-Heat. In any case they would have to wait until November 12, 2010 for these shoes to debut at Until then they're available only at House of Hoops in Miami. The Lebron 8 stands out among other basketball shoes with its SoBe-esque turquoise and black upper. More cool color schemes are expected to be released soon, including the Miami Heat's red and black. The Nike logo is prominent, and the tongue features an intricately designed lion, perhaps hungry for a championship. You get ultimate cushioning, lockdown control and lightweight comfort. For $160, there should also be an autographed photo of King James in each shoe box.

Tip: When wearing basketball shoes, check your ankles. You want strong support on both sides of your ankle.

Cross trainers: Women's Asics Gel-Intensity

Price tag: $100

Your feet will stay firmly on the ground in just about any activity when you're wearing the Asics Gel-Intensity with unwavering lateral support. It's lightweight, enabling you to move faster. The Gel cushioning and mesh upper are added comfort measures. And get this: Memory foam will mold to your heel for an added personalized effect. You can also count on good traction with the durable outsole.