Athletic Shoes Review

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Tip: Look for a stiff heel and rigid midsole in your walking shoe so you can achieve a good rocking motion. If you walk faster than some people jog (race walking), you should buy a running shoe.

Soccer Shoe: Adidas Men's Predator Absolion X FG

Price tag: $70

The Absolion was created for the big leagues, but you can grab a pair at amazon.com. The uppers are made of buttery soft grain leather so you can get a smooth fit and a good feel for the soccer ball. The insole has a comforting sock liner and the outsole Traxion EG technology to keep you on your feet. The designers even improved the shoe lace loops to give you better contact with the ball. The Predator technology comes into play when you make forefoot contact and get more power and more force.

Tip: Many soccer players like to wear shoes tight, so prepare for painful blisters and irritation. If blisters are unbearable, you might want to see a podiatrist to rule out any biomechanical problems.

Tennis Shoe: Prince T22

Price tag: $90

The Prince T22 is an upgrade over the Prince T10, and was worth the wait. The ventilation is better, with a breathable leather upper and mesh tongue to keep your feet cool when you're holding court. Nothing belies the durability for which Prince is known. Prince is offering a 6-month durability guarantee with each purchase. Along with durability, you get comfort. A ShockEraser insert has been added to absorb shock, and a SoftSpring PU insert in the forefoot disperses shock. You just might be able to rest easier after a few hours of chasing balls all over the court.