Cuticle Care

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Our hands are one part of our bodies that are always out there for the world to see. Whether we are chasing after kids, typing on the keyboard or handing money to a cashier, it's safe to say our hands are often noticed - and that means our cuticles as well.

It's one part of our nails that becomes ornery when neglected for just a couple days too long, and it shows. After all, cuticles are really just dead skin between the nail plate and the nail bed. But they're also more than that. Cuticles help nourish our nails as they grow and even protect against infection. When properly cared for, they do their job and keep our nails looking beautiful.

There are a few essential products to help aid any cuticle care regimen but what is most important is remembering to use your cuticle creams and oils at least once a day. Other than that, you'll just need to devote 5 minutes a week to keeping those cuticles in check!

Cuticle Oils

This is a necessary item to have if you're on the quest for cuticle bliss. It's typically made from avocado or almond oil and is usually rich in Vitamin E. You may even find some Shea butter listed in the ingredients, as well. Prepare to spend at least $5 to $8 for your basic drugstore brands, and upwards from there.