Cuticle Care

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Cuticle Pushers

You can get a cuticle pusher for under $2 through stores like Sally Beauty Supply, or you may even have one as part of your manicure kit already. If you haven't incorporated a cuticle pusher into your weekly manicure regimen, you need to start.

This little metal device is crucial to any proper manicure, whether it's at home in your bathroom or at the nail salon. Pushing your cuticles back makes your nails look better groomed as a whole and even elongates the appearance of your nail. When you fail to use cuticle pushers, you'll get that awful line three-fourths of the way down your nail, which even you don't want to see.

Before you use the cuticle pusher, make sure to soften up those cuticles with some oil or dissolver. Using the flat end of the pusher, you'll gently push the cuticle down to its base at the bottom of the nail. You'll also want to scoop along each side of your nail to clean up the sides. Any residue or flaky skin that's left should be cleaned off the nail when you're done pushing the cuticles.

Cuticle Nippers

One way to help tame problem cuticles is with cuticle trimmers. While this doesn't remove the cuticle completely, it helps you get rid of excess length. For many of us, cuticle nippers can be a bit intimidating - because if you use them the wrong way and pull at the skin, you could traumatize cuticles and end up with redness and irritation.