Cuticle Care

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To prevent this, look for a cuticle nipper with a firm grip, fully loaded spring and small but sharp head. This way, you can easily cut the cuticle without stretching or tearing and you can get into all those tiny creases on the sides of your nail plates. One extremely important rule is to apply cuticle oil or dissolver beforehand or else the process could be rather painful.

Cuticle Dissolvers & Removers

These usually come in the form of alkali creams or solutions, which break down the keratin in the cuticle. This leaves a flaky excess, which you can wipe away, push down or trim with cuticle nippers. While cuticle dissolvers are extremely helpful in keeping nails nicely groomed, you do need to use them with caution. Since they break down keratin cells, you don't want to leave them on too long. Usually 10 minutes or less will do, depending on the bottle's instructions. Any longer and you could remove more cuticle than necessary, opening up your nails to infection.