Hair Removal Options

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This hair removal method dates way back. Think of papyrus and hieroglyphics for this one. Once commonly practiced in eastern countries like Jordan and India, hair threading moved westward. It's now increasingly popular in the United States. But beware. You'll want to find an experienced threading professional, lest you experience breakage and have to go back more often.

A technician takes a cotton thread and uses it to wrap hair and remove. Threading takes hair right out of the follicle and can prevent growth for up to 6 weeks. This is a great option for those with unruly brows who can't seem to get a symmetrical look, no matter how much you try. The best part is that threading is extremely sanitary and, with the right technicians, extremely quick. (We're talking 5 minutes or less).

Best Body Part for Threading: Eyebrows


This is a permanent form of hair removal but it requires persistence. A fine needle applies an electric current into the root of the hair follicle. This burns your hair and prevents it from growing again. This is a great hair removal option if you have thick unwanted hair on your face or just below your hairline on the nape of your neck.

The only drawback is that follicles are persistent, and it can take up to 18 months of treatments to reach optimum results. Ask around when you're thinking about electrolysis. You'll want a technician with lots of experience. Expect a little zap of pain when you get this done, which makes it helpful to concentrate on small areas at a time. Plus, you get to wear some really nifty glasses.

Best Body Part for Electrolysis: Face, bikini line, underarms