Do You Know Where Hidden Calories Lie?

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One small package of salted peanuts has 311 calories and over 26 grams of fat. The "crunchy" section of the salad bar -- nuts, croutons, seeds -- is a calorie landmine.

It's hard to not eat the entire bag of microwaved popcorn, but you're going to have to try, because one bag with butter can add up up to 405 unwanted calories. A better option is the single-serving bags of popcorn. A scoop or two of ice cream can actually add up to less calories than a bag of popcorn? It's true! Belgian chocolate ice cream from Haagen-Dazs has only 318 calories. But it has 20 grams of fat, compared to the popcorn, which only has 8 grams.

Who only eats a 3/4 cup or 1 cup of cereal for breakfast? Possibly only little kids who don't eat breakfast in the first place. But that's the measurement companies utilize, with Honeynut Cheerios at 3/4 cup coming in at 110 calories. Add whole milk to that, and the calories add up to 250 calories. Rice Krispies are 130 calories at 1 1/4 cups, and with milk at almost 300 calories. By the way a fruit and grain cereal bar adds up to 140 calories, and you will probably be hungry in an hour. Conversely, you could eat plenty of fresh fruit for breakfast, or top off those cereals, and have a satisfying, reasonably low-calorie breakfast. Try cereal with skim or lowfat milk to slash calories further.