Family Chores: Who Does What?

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Sitting down as a family and talking about the chores, discussing who does what and coming up with a chore chart is a great way to work on your communication and cooperation skills. A chore chart is your final agreement, so that there is no reason for someone to argue about an assigned chore. Deciding Who Does What Chores

An important component to deciding who does what chore is learning how to compromise. Not everyone will be happy about every chore they receive. This is a good time to teach the need for compromise and that life is filled with things we would rather not do.

Of course, it's important that not one person gets stuck with all of the less-than-desirable chores. Do whatever you can to make sure that everyone gets something they picked, along with those chores they may not prefer.

Before you decide on who will do which chores, write down a list of chores that need to be done on a daily and weekly basis. You may also find that there are some chores that can be done on a monthly or annual basis. Chores like cleaning out the refrigerator or washing the outside windows might be chores that are done less frequently.

Writing Your List of Chores

It would be beneficial to sit down together as a family and write out the list of chores that need to be done. There may be some things that one person brings up that you may not have thought of.