Family Chores: Who Does What?

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There may also be some chores that you decide to do together as a family. For instance, there may be a number of jobs that can be done in the yard. Divide these jobs but do them on the same day. This gives you the opportunity to spend quality time together.

Mark Off Your Chores

It gives everyone a sense of accomplishment when they can mark off their chores. If you are going to give your children an allowance for chores, this helps you keep track of what they have done.

This way, you can also see that everyone is contributing and ideally, you will eliminate arguments that someone in the home feels that they "do everything." Because you have decided all of this together as a family it leaves no room for disagreements.

Revisit the Chore Chart

After some time you may wish to revisit the chore chart and sit down together as a family to see how it is working out. During this time you may decide to make some changes, including ending the rotations or if you didn't rotate chores from the beginning, decide to start that.

Chores can be reassigned and if there have been any changes in the family, such as work hours or a change in someone's activities, adjustments to the chore chart can be made.