Family Chores: Who Does What?

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Dividing Up the Chores

When it comes to dividing up the chores, be fair about who gets what. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration when dividing chores. For the adults in the family, take into account how many hours they work. If one adult works full-time but the other works part-time, it would only be right that the one working lesser hours would get more chores.

Of course, there are other considerations to be made including who takes care of the children, carpooling, volunteer work and school. With the children, you also want to take into account any outside activities that they may be involved in, or if you have older working teens. All of this serves as a way to guide you in the decisions that you make.

From the list, have each person pick their top 3 preferred chores. You may be surprised to learn someone in your family would love to do something that you don't enjoy. If it is possible, make sure that at least 3 of the chores are something they have chosen. If you immediately start assigning something to everyone, you could be creating a problem. It's important to take everyone's feelings and thoughts into consideration.

You may also wish to rotate chores. This takes the boredom out of doing the same chores all of the time. You can decide as a family how often to do this, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Your family should decide what would work best for them. This keeps things fair and balanced.