Travel Games and Toys

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Family Favorites: Travel Games


Some of your favorite classical games are available in travel sizes. Now you can play your favorites on the road:

Scrabble Express and Scrabble Scramble to Go ($13 each) or Scrabble Folio Edition ($25) - Bonus; all of these Scrabble games promote reading, spelling and expanded vocabulary!

Travel Magnetic Chess Mini Set ($7)

3-in-1 Travel Magnetic Chess, Checkers, Backgammon ($13)

Boggle Folio ($30)

Yahtzee to Go Travel Game ($7)

Other Fun Family Travel Games

Here are some other fun family travel games that you might want to take along on your next trip:

Worst Case Scenario Game ($27) - In this fun "reality" game, each player is given a "worst case" (i.e. you're surfing when a shark approaches) and must choose how to best avoid disaster.

Rolit Travel ($17) - An easy-to-learn game for kids that are older than 3 years.