Travel Games and Toys

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Snap TV Family Showdown Kids vs. Parents DVD Travel Game ($10) - A family trivia game covering 6 categories and more than 800 questions.

Pop the Pig Travel Game ($13) - The entire family can take a turn to see how much the pig can eat before his belly bursts!

Ten Days in the USA Game ($25) - Teach the kids about the geography of the United States with this travel-themed game.

Travel Games for Children

Here are some fun ideas of travel games for children:

Quoridor For Kids ($30)

Travel Etch a Sketch ($12)

Scavenger Hunt for Kids Travel Game ($10)

Travel Sequence ($10)

20 Questions Electronic Game ($15)

I Spy Memory Game Travel ($12)

Flip to Win Hangman Game ($13)

Travel Toys for Preschool Children


It can be especially difficult for preschool children to take a long trip. Here are some travel toys that are sure to keep them busy:

LeapFrog Tag Junior Storage Case ($15)

Thinkativity Soar and Explore Storyteller ($23)

Chicco Toys Talking Vacation Car ($38)