Travel Games and Toys

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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Color Maze Puzzle ($17)

Alma's Designs My Quiet Book ($28)

Elmer's Education KinderReady Eric Carle Travel Scavenger ($11)

Travel Toys for Children

Children can be kept busy with the right travel toys. Here are some fun travel toys for children:

Crayola Color Wonder Travel Tote ($14) - With portable writing surface and storage.

Mattel X Games DVS Grind Case w/ Fingerboard Skateboard ($19)

Crayola Digital Camcorder Green With 2GB Accessory Bundle ($53)

Rubiks 360 Puzzle Ball ($20)

Friendship Wheel ($15) - Preteen girls can enjoy making friendship bracelets while on the road, away from her friends.

Travel Journals

There are other enjoyable and fun activities that you can do when traveling. Creating a travel journal or diary will keep everyone busy. If each person in the family keeps one, it helps to get everyone's perspective on the trip. Or you can choose to do a family travel journal together.

To make one, start with any type of spiral-bound notebook, preferably a sketch pad. You can also staple papers together or buy a fancy journal. With pencils, markers or crayons you can begin to document your trip. Keep track of the things you did and your favorite parts of the trip. You can also attach pictures or souvenirs to each page.

This is a great memory keeper that not only keeps everyone busy but is something special to look back on. It's interesting to hear the way everyone felt and how they saw things on the trip.