Maintaining Your Adult Relationships

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Address health issues. If sex is physically uncomfortable or you feel very tired or lethargic all the time, you should get checked out by a doctor. You may have an injury resulting from the birth, a hormonal imbalance, depression or other treatable illness. Don't pressure yourself. When you can get a quiet hour together, spend some time being physically close, but don't make sex the goal of the evening. You can cuddle or give each other massages; whatever is relaxing for both of you. You may be surprised to find that when the pressure is off, you'll start feeling the old fire again.

Get out of the house. The old standard "date night" can be a great relationship booster. If you can get a sitter once in awhile, go out for dinner or a movie together. Emotional intimacy sparks sexual intimacy.


Your friends were always there for you, being supportive in bad times and taking you out to celebrate victories, but now those same friends seem a little confused about how to behave now that you're a mom.

The friends who have children of their own don't present a problem. You now have another thing in common with them and you can get together for play dates and conversation.