Maintaining Your Adult Relationships

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It's the friends who don't have any kids who might be inclined to back off or treat you differently now that you're a mom. Let's face it; things have changed in a big way. You might find yourself talking about your baby all the time, and you probably can't go out for girl's nights as much as you used to. Some of your child-free friends may not understand this, because they don't have first-hand experience. Others will overdo it on the "understanding" and back off-way off-to give you time with your child. Whatever the case may be, you need friendship and support now more than ever. Here are some tips on keeping your old friends, and making some new ones.

Make time for each other. When the baby is young, it's hard to get away, but you can keep in contact with your friends by email and phone calls. You can also meet your old pals in your home or theirs, or, when the weather permits, at a park for a little picnic. Anywhere you can safely bring your baby will work out fine.

Find a mutual topic of discussion. When you're with your friends, try and limit talk about feeding schedules, pooping habits, teething woes, and all the other daily delights moms have to deal with. You're in love with your baby and fascinated by all her functions and moods, but your friends aren't moms yet so they won't "get" you.