Maintaining Your Adult Relationships

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Expand your horizons. If you find that some of your old friends can't accept your new life as a mom, it may be time to move on. Even when your buddies are supportive and great, you'll inevitably meet other moms and add to your circle of friends as you go about your daily activities as a mother. There's the library, the park, Mommy and Me classes, and a host of other places to meet women who share the experience of mothering.

When your child gets a little older, you'll likely be able to rejoin your friends for girl's nights and most of the fun activities you enjoyed before becoming a mom. If your friends are solid and loyal, they'll keep in contact with you while respecting your new responsibilities. Whatever you do, don't let yourself feel abandoned by your old friends or envious of their childfree lives. Being a mom is one of the most important and rewarding jobs on earth. Some of your old friends will probably choose to have babies of their own someday, and when they do, you'll be the expert they'll go to for advice.