Do You Resent Your Partner?

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Dealing with resentment in cases like this can involve being accepting on the one hand, while making proactive steps toward change on the other.

First the acceptance: Historically, women have taken care of the household responsibilities, and that won't change overnight. You might find it irritating that the chores aren't split 50/50, but few things in a relationship can be perfectly balanced. It's likely your partner isn't living the life of luxury, either. He has his own responsibilities, which he performs whether or not he feels like it, just the same as you do.

Now the change: You should be able to ask for and expect some assistance from him around the house. It's his home as much as it is yours, so he should pitch in to help it run as smoothly as possible. Talk with him about what you're feeling and see if you can both agree on a fair and equitable division of chores.

Healing After An Affair

We can't have a discussion about spousal resentment without mentioning the doozy: a husband's affair. An affair can turn any wife into a regular resentment factory, and with good reason; it threatens your security and your self-esteem and makes you question the strength of your marriage.

Even after the millionth "I'm sorry," and months or years of good behavior on his part, you still may not be able to let go of the past. Resentment about an affair can be incredibly painful for the wife and cause all kinds of strife in a marriage.