Do You Resent Your Partner?

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If you want to save your marriage, you should take steps to get past resentment. The best course of action in a case like this would be professional couple's counseling. Counselors have seen and heard it all, and will help you talk through your feelings of resentment, no matter how intense.

Defusing Resentment

Whatever the cause of your resentment, you don't have to let it eat away at you forever. There are some strategies to handle this difficult emotion before it gets out of hand.

Breathe and center. You may not think of yourself as the meditative type, but living with resentment can be irritating enough to make you try just about anything. You might find that simple grounding meditation may clear some of the stormy feelings you're having and open your mind to creative solutions to your problem. There are countless resources online and at your local library that can get you started in a simple meditation practice.

Quit the self-blame and guilt. Resentment is often fed by a feeling that you should be better or even perfect. Women grow up with the notion that they should carry the whole household with no complaints and with a smile. This isn't always possible. You resent your husband for not helping, and then you hate yourself for wanting help or for complaining. Stop. It's a vicious cycle in which you don't want to get trapped.