Beauty Apps for your iPhone

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Lose It!

Is counting calories part of your beauty regimen? The Lose It! app makes keeping a food diary a piece of cake... or, spinach. With this application, enter your current weight and goal (even if your goal is to maintain your weight) and the application will give you a daily calorie recommendation. From there it is no sweat to enter the foods you eat during the day and their quantities. The app has thousands of foods in its database and will remember your favorites for easy access. You can also add your own recipes. Keep track of your exercise for the day as well and you'll find yourself in possession of some extra calories here and there.

Record your weight weekly, monthly or whenever you get around to it and the application will chart your progress. You can also modify your goals anytime if you find yourself ahead of, or behind (ahem), the curve.


The quintessential nail polish brand with the awesome product names has a fun, simple and free app for your iPhone. OPI's entire line of nail colors is available to view on a demo hand that matches your skin tone. Finally, you'll be able to decide between Cajun Shrimp and Shanghai Shimmer without a trip to the salon. When you do choose a perfect shade, the app will tell you where to buy it, or better yet, it will recommend a nail salon that carries the product.