Beauty Apps for your iPhone

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Sometimes nothing makes you feel as rejuvenated and beautiful as a trip to the spa. Relaxation is one of the oldest beauty tricks in the book, and the free iSpa app will help you find the nearest place to unwind. The app detects your current location and suggests spas in the area. Tap on the results to call for an appointment or to connect to the spa's website. The interactive map will provide you with driving directions, so you'll be wrapped up in a fluffy robe sipping cucumber water in no time.

aBeauty Pro

This app is the perfect way to try a new product or a whole new look. Simply upload a photo and the app will let you try new shades of lipstick, eye color techniques and more in varying degrees of intensity. Try out a new sexy, smoky eye before a first date or see if that bright red lipstick that works so well on a co-worker will work for you, too. This app is a little pricey at $3.99, but it is lots of fun to use and helpful, too!