How to Wear Bangs

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Square Faces - A strong jaw line and equally strong forehead that are similar in width are the telltale signs of a square face (picture Minnie Driver and Demi Moore). Forget a blunt bang that goes straight across the forehead and ask for longer side-swept bangs that hit just below the eyebrow and get a bit longer on the sides.

Oval Faces - This face is slightly narrower at the jaw with a rounded hairline. Women with oval shapes are sometimes said to be blessed with versatile faces that can pull off a variety of cuts and styles. Work closely with your stylist to select bangs that will match your hair texture and daily routine.

Styling Secrets for Wearing Bangs

Your stylist is your go-to resource when it comes to learning how best to style your bangs. Ask your hairdresser to recommend the right kind of product to use in your bangs-mousse, gel, pomade, wax, hairspray, etc.-as well as how much to apply and at which point in the styling process. Ask them to show you the best blow-drying technique and whether you should towel dry your bangs or begin the styling process when they are soaking wet.

Depending on the cut of your bangs and your desired end result, you may need to use additional hair-styling tools such as a flat-iron (for super blunt fringes) or a large barrel curling iron (for longer, softer bangs). If that is the case, ask for instruction on how to achieve your finished look. A great stylist will take the time to teach you about caring for your hair, but be sure that when you make the appointment, you ask them to pad it with a few extra minutes for instruction. Tip accordingly for your stylist's time!