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Caramel and chocolate lovers get the added benefit of fruit with this favorite Halloween treat. Get creative with toppings to really have fun!

Wrap these up to make a lovely holiday or housewarming gift -- chocolate is always appreciated, especially when it's low fat! Be sure to save a few for yourself!

Healthy candy may seem like a contradiction, but this high-protein, high-fiber sweet treat will be a hit with the kids. It's filling and fabulous!

What's Halloween without a batch of homemade candy apples? This is the ultimate party trick that will please even your pickiest little trick-or-treater.

There's no salami, only the log shape used to prepare this delicious Italian frozen dessert which is served in slices. When you're searching from a delicious break from the dessert norm, let this be it.


When you're looking for a yummy trifle, the proof is in the pudding. Add this beautiful dessert to your recipe repertoire. A simple fix, it's hard to believe this tempting treat is so darn simple.

When summertime is around the corner, it helps to have a simple standby for those picnics and gatherings. This banana trifle has plenty of appeal. Try it for yourself.

The ingredients that make up this dessert are layered and topped with whipped topping and walnuts. The coffee flavoring is an added perk if you're looking for a java jolt.

If cherries aren't your thing, substitute blueberries, strawberries or any other fruit in its place. Regardless of which fruit you choose, this dessert is heavenly.


Cherry, chocolate and rum make a wining combination with this great-tasting trifle. When it comes to desserts that are pleasing to the eye and the stomach, this delicious dessert takes the cake. It's a sweet treat that's sure to satisfy. 

You'll be off and rum running with this delicious dessert. Prepared with a host of ingredients, you can't go wrong with this sweet treat. Don't be intimidated by the eye-catching appearance of the trifle, it's a simple fix that can be easily assembled in a matter of minutes.

For a recipe that's good to the core, give these baked apples a try. If you can't get your hands on the Crème Fraiche, use sour cream in its place. It's every bit as good.


What's better than your favorite candy bar? Enjoying it in your favorite cookie. Enjoy these sweet and succulent cookies loaded with treats.

Not everybody enjoys the minty flavor of candy canes, but that doesn't mean you can't partake in the holiday festivities. These cookies look like the popular Christmas staple but have a buttery great taste.

Feeling corny? These sweet and salty treats will quell whichever craving you're having. When your next snack attack strikes, have a ball, a candied popcorn ball.

When your sweet cravings strike, these ginger candies are sure to satisfy. They're also great for soothing an upset stomach. Prepare a batch -- you can eat some now or save some for later.

It may sound corny, but these popcorn balls are bound to become a family favorite. A sweet and salty mix, they make for great snacks that are simple to prepare. You'll have a difficult time staving off the urge to eat them all yourself.

Not only are these sweet necklaces a great to snack, they're also an awesome way to keep the kids amused on a lazy afternoon.


Want a recipe chocolate lovers will go nuts over? Look no further than this sweet treat prepared with coconut, pecans and chocolate. When it comes to homemade candy, sink your teeth into this dessert that doesn't disappoint. 

Many people assume that homemade candy is tiresome and time-consuming. But that's not the case. Just sample this simplistic sweet treat.

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