What Colors Should I Wear?

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In addition, you will need to have the right lighting. Avoid fluorescent bulbs as fluorescent lighting will affect the quality and look of the colors. Put a white towel around your shoulders and avoid bold colors in the background when looking in a mirror. You don't want any distracting outside colors.

Discounting any suntan that you might have, look at the fundamental tones of your complexion. Regardless of race, most skin has red, blue, pink or yellow undertones. If your skin looks bluish or pinkish, try for cool colors. If you have yellow or red undertones, stick with warm colors.

When thinking of warm colors, consider fire and the sun; shades of reds, oranges, yellows should work nicely. Additional warm colors include

Yellow green



Cool colors should bring to mind the sky, water and ice. Most blue and green colors should be great choices for you. Other cool colors include:



Pure white

Bright pink