What Colors Should I Wear?

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Black can convey power and authority. On the other hand, some associate black with submission, as priests wear black in submission to a higher authority. In addition, the bad guys in classic films always wear black. Black is often associated with evil and darkness and or even grief.

While dressing in head-to-toe black is super slimming, it's best to add in a touch of color-a scarf, a broach-in one of your complimentary colors to brighten the overall mood of your outfit.

The Psychology of Colors

Blue, the color of the ocean and the sky, is a soothing color. Blue is supposed to induce feelings of tranquility and symbolize loyalty. However, blue can also be taken as a cold or depressing color.

Red is a color of contradictions. It's the color of love, but red also indicates hostility and anger. Wearing red may even adversely affect business negotiations. Red is a bold color that can stir up very strong feelings, both positive and negative, so use red judiciously in your wardrobe.

Yellow is a bright and sunny color. Yellow conveys friendship and optimism. However, yellow can also be overpowering to the eye. People also tend to get crankier than usual when spending time in yellow rooms.