What Colors Should I Wear?

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  • red is opposite green
  • blue is opposite orange
  • yellow is opposite violet

Therefore, if you have red hair and want to enhance the appearance of your hair, wear a green scarf as an accessory.

You can also work with color intensity. Color intensity might be defined as the concentration or force of a color. For example, emerald green is an intense shade of green. Going back to the example of red hair, a bright red ruby brooch might be a terrific accessory.

Determining which colors look best on you isn't just about finding the most complimentary colors for your complexion. Color psychology can also play a role in color analysis. Some studies show that colors can have a psychological impact on human beings. Of course, the psychology is sometimes conflicting, but that's where your sense of personal taste can come into play.

For example, take black. Black is a classic, slimming color that evokes effortless sophistication and chic. Who doesn't have a little black dress in her wardrobe?