What Colors Should I Wear?

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White usually symbolizes purity, like angels and innocence. In addition to attracting a host of stains, white clothes give off a crisp, reverent vibe. Accessorize with a splash of red or blue, depending on your mood, or go for the duality of a black and white ensemble.

Color analysis and knowing what colors work best for you can help you look the best that you can. There are also other benefits of knowing your best personal colors.

Knowing your personal colors can save you time and money. You will no longer have to play guessing games when buying clothes or makeup as you'll already know which colors work for you and which colors to avoid.

Armed with this color knowledge, you can clean out your closet and donate any clothes that don't work for you while concentrating on the colors that convey the mood you want to express and look great with your skin tone.